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Benefits of Buying Your 95-Hour Course by Units

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Embarking on your journey to becoming a lactation consultant can be overwhelming. The process is costly and time-consuming. One way to alleviate some of the pressure is buying your 95-hour course by units. Here are some reasons why it’s so beneficial.

Spread out the cost

As I’ve mentioned before, regardless of which pathway you choose, there are a lot of costs involved in becoming an IBCLC®. People often assume that taking the hodge-podge approach is the most economical approach. It may seem that way as you’re paying course by course. But in reality, those smaller fees add up. Not to mention that picking out your own courses has never been proven as an effective way to pass the exam.

I offer my 95-hour Lactation Education Course on a Unit-by-Unit basis. (Although yes, you can also pay for the full course upfront if you prefer.) This allows you to spread the cost of the course out in 5 convenient payments.

Take it one step at a time

Completing 95 hours of lactation specific education sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Breaking down the 95-hour course by units helps you manage your schedule and your progress. Think of it as seeing a light at the end of the tunnel — five times! It can be very motivating to feel that sense of accomplishment when you complete a unit.

From the time you purchase Unit 1, you have 18 months to complete all 5 units to earn your certificate.

Work on your own timeline

For years, my online students have said, “I liked working at my own pace.” Buying the 95-hour course by units gives you control over your timeline while respecting your budget.

Maybe you’ve promised yourself that you’ll save up the money for the entire course. Nice plan. But that means you’re putting off starting to acquire your hours.

Consequently, that may force you to scramble to meet the application deadline. Buy Unit 1 now, and save up for the rest as you go. By purchasing your 95-hour course by units, you’ll be able to make progress and still save for the remaining units. (Just remember that although we break up the cost for by offering units, you do not get a certificate until you complete all 95 hours.)

Does that cost still look too big to you? Look at it this way:

  • If you’re a coffee drinker, you might be spending $5 a cup every day at a fancy coffee shop. Instead, consider making your coffee at home. In less in less than 2 months you’ll have the money to buy one unit of my new course.
  • If you enjoy lunch out, even at just $10 a day, you could save for the next unit in less than a month just by brown bagging.

Take advantage of the season

While the holiday season can sometimes be hectic and filled with travel, the holidays this year probably look a little different.

Rather than focusing on what you might be missing, from family gatherings to vacations, view it as extra time to put toward your career goals. Set smaller goals for yourself.

It may feel like a lot to take on the entire 95 hours of lactation-specific education. I get that, I do! But while you’re off from work or staying home a little more, take the time to complete the 95-hour course by units. I think you’ll enjoy the variety — videos, audio files, reading, matching games, and more to help you learn the right stuff and enjoy doing it.

I recently had someone comment that my site and courses take the guesswork out of preparing for the IBLCE exam. Music to my ears! It’s what I strive to do every day, and I am very confident I can help you to pass the big exam if you’ll just reach out and let me take your hand. I promise, I’ll be with you, unit by unit, for the entire journey.

Remember, you must have all of your requirements completed before you can apply for the exam.

Will you be completing your 95-hour course by units? I’d love to hear how you plan to complete your requirements. 

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  1. Tania

    I’m seriously considering studying for IBCLC. So many questions are unclear for me still. I have no medical training, so I need to start from square one. All those subjects that I need to do are they through university? If I choose this package will I be confident knowing all those medical subjects are covered? How many months/ years will it take for me to complete this first part? What’s the cost of the course?

    • Marie Biancuzzo

      Thanks for your question, Tania. In order to sit for the exam, you must complete three main components:
      1.) Health Sciences Education
      2.) Lactation Specific Education
      3.) Lactation Specific Clinical Hours

      I’ve broken the eligibility requirements to sit for the exam here. Remember, that those requirements must be completed prior to applying for the exam.

      You have 3 Pathway options to complete your clinical requirements.

      In regards to your question about subjects through the university, I believe you may be referring to the Health Sciences Education. Some of the requirements must be done at an institution of higher learning (in the US, we would call this college) and the IBLCE spells out what those are, and what qualifies as higher education. While you may certainly take those at a college or university. Others of the healthcare science courses may be completed through courses offered by continuing education providers; I do offer a package with 5 of them, but not the Basic Life Support). If you’re asking if my Healthcare Sciences Package (5 courses, all non-lactation related, and all required by IBLCE) will be everything you need, I’d say probably not. Most people just want to get it done and check the box in order to meet the IBLCE’s requirements. Will it help you? Yes. How I cover those 5 topics are not how I would cover them if I were teaching in a University. (Where I have also taught!)

      You’ll need to do some extra work sometime on your own in order for it to be equivalent to a university-based course. It’s also a fraction of the course of what you’d pay at a University. Do not confuse the Healthcare Sciences requirement with the Lactation-focused education requirement. Two completely different things.

      If you’re wondering how to earn your 90 hours of lactation-focused education, my 90-hour course is the best one I know of. I cover all of the 105 sub-topics of the IBLCE Exam Blueprint, and although I had re-worked my course in 2020, I’ve been giving a comprehensive course for more than a decade. It is very thorough, and has had excellent reviews. It’s for people who are eager learners. It is not easy.

      I would recommend you take my FREE online video series, Becoming a Lactation Consultant, In less than a half-hour, I explain the requirements and some of the subtle issues that many candidates get confused about.

      You may also call my office at 703-787-9894 or email us at for more help with your situation.

    • Marie Biancuzzo

      Thanks for asking, Danielle. No, the costs are different. The full course is currently $999. When purchasing by unit, the first is $272.50 and the others are $239.90 each, so the entire course comes in at $1231.70.

  2. Andrea

    If I purchase in full but only need 45 hours to sit for the CLC do you give a completion certificate for each unit? This way I can submit the 45 hours to sit for the CLC exam before moving on to the 95 hours and sitting for the IBCLC? Thanks.

    • Marie Biancuzzo

      Andrea, before I answer your question, I need to clarify a few points. You’re asking about the CLC test. We do not offer any preparation for the CLC test. We offer preparation only for the IBCLC test, which is an entirely different test and certification from a different certifying agency. If you’re planning to prepare for the IBCLC test, we offer a comprehensive 95 hour course, OR we offer a 45-hour course for people who have already earned 45 hours and just need to complete the remainder of the lactation-specific requirement. You would have the option to purchase the 95-hour comprehensive course in units, but no, we do not offer a certificate for each unit. Keep in mind that the IBCLC exam is a comprehensive exam, so we offer a comprehensive course to prepare candidates for that.

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