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Step Up to Lactation Leadership

A 45-hour Lactation Education Course

Step Up

Finish Up

Move Up

Become a lactation leader

Maybe you’ve been referred to as “just a peer counselor” or “just a nurse” or “just a helper.” You’ve known your fair share of feeling like the uncredited expert of the health care system. You think you know the answers and maybe you do! But “they” don’t think you do.

“They” need to move over, and you need to move up.

Step up and finish up what needs to be done. Get your 95 hours of lactation specific hours because being halfway to IBCLC® just isn’t where you want to be.

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Explore our 95-hour Lactation Education Course packages.

Unsure how a counselor/educator can meet IBLCE’s eligibility requirements? 
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Step Up to Lactation Leadership

Lead by completing a proven course that sets you up to pass the exam on the first try

Marie has helped over 4,000 people to pass the IBCLC exam on their first try.

People who have failed 1, 2, 3, or 4 times have passed on the very next try after they work with Marie.

Marie has helped people on 6 different continents to gain the knowledge, credits, and confidence they need for this career-critical exam.

Marie has passed the IBCLC exam 5 times, and after each time, revised her courses to include concepts that she has encountered.

Join hundreds of Marie's students!

The breastfeeding counseling [certification is] wonderful at getting you to be able to relate to the family and provide information at a very surface level, but if the issues that are cropping up for the family are deeper, you need more knowledge and more understanding.”

— Aimee S.

Marie Biancuzzo is a world-renowned lactation consultant and excellent speaker … a leading expert to provide this education.” 

— Maria D.

Marie's Step Up to Lactation Leadership
works for anyone who:

  • previously earned about 40-55 hours of lactation specific education AND/OR
  • completed a lactation counselor course AND/OR
  • has never taken one 95-hour comprehensive course

What you'll get

  • Reading assignments
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Links to dozens of free resources
  • And more

Exam-related content that covers:

  • all 7 of the major disciplines found on the IBLCE’s Detailed Content Outline
  • subdisciplines that most test-takers struggle with; relatively little or no mention of subdisciplines that you are already proficient at (e.g., positioning, latch, basic management)

Step Up to Lactation Leadership Course is for you if you want to ...

  • use a structured learning approach
  • study on the go
  • get immediate access to dozens of free resources
  • save time 
  • NOT risk the chance of failing this career-critical exam

Don’t waste time running around, finding the wrong stuff, paying for it, studying it, and then finding out that it wasn’t related to what’s on the exam. 

This course is designed for individuals who have had hands-on experience and foundational instruction in lactation but lack an in-depth understanding of the more complex and pathologic areas that most IBCLC exam candidates have trouble with. 

Hundreds of people fail the exam each year.
Don't take the chance of being one of them.

A big THANK YOU to Marie and her program..!!!!! I couldn’t have passed on the first try without her.”

— Karol F.

I just spoke on the phone with Marie and she was so knowledgeable about everything needed for me to get where I want to be!”

— Danielle G.

You are meant for so much more

Bridge your knowledge gaps at your own pace

Qualify for the IBCLC exam

Get ready to land your best job ever!

Marie has helped thousands of people to pass the IBCLC exam since 2004, and she can help you, too! Success awaits you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This course requires you to have access to Counseling the Nursing Mother, 7th edition. This textbook is NOT included in the purchase of the course. See FAQ for how to get a 40% off coupon for this textbook.

Step Up to Lactation Leadership

A 45-hour Lactation Education Course
$ 599
  • 45 hours of Lactation Specific Education

Step Up to Lactation Leadership

Communication for Lactation Consultants
$ 668
  • 45 hours of Lactation Specific Education
  • 5 hours of required Communication


This course is designed to “fill-in” the balance of the 95 hours of lactation education hours you need to apply for the exam. It assumes that you have already completed about 45 hours of lactation specific education within the 5 years immediately preceding your exam application date.

However, successful completion of this course DOES NOT entitle the student to any certification, and there is no guarantee that the student will pass a certification exam.

If you need a few more hours of lactation education beyond what this course provides, just email us at, or call 703-787-9894. (If you need to leave a message, please describe the best time to reach you, and which time zone you are in.) We can help you identify a few smaller courses to help complete your education.

Depending on the previous lactation education you completed, you may need to earn some specific additional courses to fill in your education as necessary to address all topics on the IBLCE’s Detailed Content Outline or to meet the clinical competencies specified by IBLCE.

We pride ourselves on offering prep courses that cover the 7 disciplines and the 105 subtopics as described on the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline, which is the basis for the exam questions.

However, to pass the exam, it will be to your advantage to accrue clinical hours in various settings with a variety of breastfeeding dyads of all ages, including both healthy and compromised babies. It will also be to your advantage to take several practice exams with exam-type questions.

You have 18 months from the date of purchase to complete this course and earn your certificate.

Per the IBLCE Candidate Information Guide, “…starting with examination applications for the April 2021 examination administration and those administrations following, in addition to the 90 hours of lactation specific education, five (5) hours of education focused on communication skills will be required.” This is why we call it 95 hours of lactation education instead of 90. Read the full Candidate Information Guide for more details. 

Of course! Click here to see the course goal, objectives, and other important course information.

Everything except the textbook, Counseling the Nursing Mother, 7th Edition.

There are several ways to get the required textbook, Counseling the Nursing Mother, 7th Edition. You may borrow a copy from a friend or a library or you may purchase your own copy.

If you decide to purchase the textbook, you have several options. The book is available at several online and brick and mortar stores. We recommend you consider these options:

Yes. Both. 

You can earn 45 contact hours to maintain your nursing license or nursing specialty certification. Breastfeeding Outlook is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, provider #CEP15628.

You can earn 45 L-CERPs to fulfill eligibility requirements to sit for the IBCLC exam. 

Since 2000, Breastfeeding Outlook has been accredited as a long-term provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

Our accreditation is under the name of our parent company, Breastfeeding Outlook. Your certificate will show the name of both Breastfeeding Outlook and

Yes. Even after you have completed the course, you will still have access to the course for 18 months from the date of purchase. After that, only your certification will be available. 

If you are an active duty or retired United States military service member or their spouse, get 15% off the regular price. Click here to view details. 

We offer a bulk order discount. Please contact our office at for further details.

Sales for all online programs are final. Please carefully review the information provided before you purchase. Feel free to call or email us to ask specific questions so you can be sure the course is right for you. After your purchase we are here to help with any questions or problems you may have while completing the course. You are never alone. 

Unsure how a counselor/educator can meet IBLCE’s eligibility requirements?

Grab our handy
Step Up to Lactation Leadership