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Will You Certify (or Recertify) in the Year Ahead?

IBLCE has announced that it is going green this month with the launch of an online application process for first-time applicants as well as a new system that will allow those who are already IBCLCs to apply for recertification by exam or by CERPs.

The new Credential Management System (CMS) should make it easier for IBCLCs to track their credits. Looking ahead, you’ll want to be aware of the following costs and deadlines.

2012 Cost and Deadlines:
First Time Taking the Exam
Cost     Deadline
$550   February 28
$660   April 30

Recertifying by Exam
Cost    Deadline
$320   February 28
$470   April 30

Recertifying by CERPs
Cost     Deadline
$320    February 28
$470    July 31

Paperwork and the IBLCE Exam 2012
Critical Info for 2012 IBLCE Exam Candidates

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