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Marie Biancuzzo’s
Online Lactation Exam Review

Pass the Exam on the First Try!

Marie Biancuzzo’s
Online Lactation Exam Review

Pass the Exam on the First Try!

An all online course to help you pass
your lactation exam the FIRST time!

Streamline Studying

Demystify Exam Content

Gain Confidence

Do you know what you don’t know?

Did you know there are 105 disciplines and subdisciplines on the IBCLC® exam? If you took the exam 10 years ago, you may feel overwhelmed figuring out what you don’t know and where to start your review. If you’re a first-time test-taker, you may already realize that you don’t know what to expect on the exam. Join the thousands of people who have turned to Marie for help in passing the exam.
Get help to

Pass Your Lactation Exam
the First Time!

Find the structure and support you need in Marie’s highly acclaimed course.

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Save time and take control of your future!

Online Lactation Exam Review

Streamline studying. Dive right into recalling, reinforcing and expanding your knowledge instead of flailing around trying to find the information.

Stop feeling like the test is a big mystery. There could be thousands of questions the Examiners could ask. Discover how to boil it all down to the nuts and bolts that help you to apply information to answer questions. 

Develop the confidence you need to pass the exam you dread. Get tons of pointers on the strategies to take and the pitfalls to avoid as you walk up to this comprehensive, career-critical exam.

Make this proven course your ticket to passing the exam on the first try.

Marie has helped over 4,000 people to pass the IBCLC exam on their first try.

People who have failed 1, 2, 3, or 4 times have passed on the very next try after they work with Marie.

First-time exam-takers and re-certifying IBCLCs on 6 different continents have gained knowledge and confidence after working with Marie.

Marie has passed the IBCLC exam 5 times, and after each time, revised the course to include concepts that she has encountered.

Join thousands of people who have taken
Marie’s live or online Lactation Exam Review!

“It was not an easy test. I am very glad I took it seriously and did your review course! Thank you, Marie!!”

Linda C., RN IBCLC

“Thank you for helping me pass!!! Your curriculum was spot on!! Could not have done it without you!”


“Marie has been my guide all throughout the exam and gave me the confidence that I can do it.”

Virginia C., IBCLC

Marie Biancuzzo’s
Online Lactation Exam Review
works for:

  • IBCLCs who are re-certifying by exam
  • Candidates who have never sat for the exam
  • Candidates who have failed the exam in the past
  • Individuals who have never taken one 90-hour comprehensive course

What You'll Get

About 25 hours of content that covers:

  • all 7 of the major disciplines found on the IBLCE’s Detailed Content Outline
  • subdisciplines that most test-takers struggle with; relatively little or no mention of subdisciplines that you are already proficient at (e.g., positioning, latch, basic management.)

Past attendees have asked for audio files.
But you’ll have many ways to learn.

  • Reading assignments
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Links to dozens of free resources
  • And more

Marie Biancuzzo’s Online Lactation Exam Review
is for you if you …

  • want a structured learning approach
  • like to study on the go
  • don’t want to find or buy dozens of resources
  • want to save time
  • don’t want to risk the chance of failing this career-critical Exam
Hundreds of people fail the exam each year. Don’t take the chance of being one of them.
“I passed the IBLCE exam this time after 2 fails. Huge thank you Marie for your review course.”
Leslie C., IBCLC

Three package choices to speed up your exam review

Basic Exam Star Exam Master
Online Lactation Exam Review Course
7 Discipline Drills (About 20-35 questions on each of the 7 major disciplines; 185 questions total.)
1000+ Lactation Terms You Should Know
50 Practice Questions (mixed disciplines)
The Breastfeeding Atlas 7th edition (200-page hard-copy book with more than 400 full-color photos)
Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos Workbook 2nd edition (400-page hard-copy book with learning exercises and quizzes)
$25 coupon towards any future purchase by December 2023.
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Streamline your studying, stop wondering what to study, and develop the confidence you need

Everything you need will be right at your fingertips.

Move at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Marie has helped thousands of people to pass the IBCLC exam since 2004, and she can help you, too! Success awaits you!


No. There is no guarantee. Buying this course does not guarantee that you will pass the exam. Hundreds of satisfied exam -takers have reported to us that they have passed after having used this course, but we make no guarantee that you will have the same result. Many (but not all!) of our customers have used this course along with our other exam prep products, so we cannot attribute their success to this course only. Each year, we ask course attendees to report their scores to us, and we feel confident that this course has proven to be an effective tool for passing the exam.

Sales for all online programs are final. Please carefully review the information provided before you purchase and feel free to call us at 703-787-9894 or email us to ask specific questions so you can be sure the course is right for you. After your purchase we are here to help with any questions or problems you have while completing your course. You are never alone.

No! When you register, you won’t need to buy anything else. However, Marie will give you tons of links to free resources, and you’ll want to use those.

Of course! You’ll find the goals and objectives on this document.

No. The course is designed for people who are already eligible to certify or recertify. Offering credits would cost us more money, and therefore, we would need to increase the price for participants. We have many other courses that offer continuing education credits, including CERPs.

You have access to the course for 12 months from the date of purchase.

We are here to help you, either before or after you purchase the course. You can always email us at

That depends on how quickly you work. The course has about 25 hours of content. We recommend that you spend at least 4 weeks reviewing for the exam, preferably more. However, if necessary, you could work through this review in 2 or 3 days, but we do not recommend that.

Usually work experience is not enough. There are many questions on the exam that are seldom encountered in your clinical role, and most test-takers work with a very limited population (healthy versus sick situations, more mothers versus more babies, younger babies versus older babies, etc.). Furthermore, most exam-takers have a very local perspective, and the exam tests on global issues.
Who knows? IBLCE is at liberty to ask any question on any of the major 7 disciplines. This course focuses on the concepts, not specific facts or “answers.” The aim is to give you help in applying information. The IBLCE changes the exam every year. We cannot predict what will be on your exam. We can only go on past history.
No. We emphasize, over and over, that this is a review course. It is not a learn-it-the-first-time course. We assume that you have already been exposed to the content we cover. We offer a comprehensive course, but this is not it.

If you are an active duty or retired United States military serviceperson or a military spouse, get 15% off. To get the discount email us at

At this time, we have no plans to offer this course live, on-site, as we have done in past years.