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Forever Yours, Marie

I just finished teaching my Lactation Exam Review and my Picture Perfect courses in Baltimore. I trudged out the door thinking “5 down, 3 to go.” These long teaching days wipe me out. Yet, as exhausted as I am at the day’s end, I feel more motivated, more inspired, more determined to keep doing what I’m doing.

In ways that they (maybe you) will never fully grasp, the people who attend my course have taught me. From them (you?), I learn how to be a better teacher, a better facilitator, a better nurse, a better person.

I also realize that only a handful of nurses and doctors have had a “forever” impact on my career. I’m sure they taught me some facts along the way, but more importantly, they taught me to how to rely on good assessment skills, how to make good judgment calls, how to proceed when I’m unsure, and the value of lifelong learning in a changing healthcare field. I hope I can do the same.

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