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Get Help for the IBCLC Exam and Leave the Worry Behind

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Each year, I spend hours talking to test-takers, usually first-time test-takers, who are worried, worried, worried about preparing for and passing the IBCLC exam. But you can get help before the IBCLC exam and leave the worry behind.

No need to go in blind

Yes, it’s possible to see — as clearly as is possible — what will be covered on the exam.

No, there’s no way to know the exact questions you’ll face on this year’s exam. But there’s a way to know with absolute certainty the 7 disciplines (and more than 100 subtopics) that are on the IBCLC exam. The IBLCE makes it clear in their Detailed Content Outline.

Read my short posts on what is “fair game” and what’s not fair game for the IBCLC exam. 

Take one or more of my practice exams. Instead of worrying about what you don’t know, you’ll see what you don’t know. I said “see.” When you can better see your weaknesses, you can move forward, get help before the IBCLC exam and leave the worry behind.

Get a full-blown all-online review course. It addresses those 7 disciplines, and will force you to see material you hadn’t even thought to review.

No need to go in with a deaf ear

I’ve heard people say, “No, I don’t need your help, I’ve been a nurse for 27 years and I know all of this stuff.” Turning a deaf ear is just denial. A few months later, those same people call and tell me they failed.


Don’t disbelieve, minimize, or just flat out ignore friends or co-workers who insist it’s the hardest exam they’ve ever taken. I’ve heard hundreds of people say that. And yes, I agree. It’s a tough exam. And yes, nurses, I’d say it’s much tougher than the NCLEX.

No need to go it alone

Are you married to the idea of DIY? Really?  

I’ll bet you don’t clean your own gutters, bake your own bread, or steam-clean your own carpets. Undoubtedly, with enough time, training, and energy, you could do all of those tasks. But I’m guessing that you hire someone to do most (if not all) of those chores.


Why is that?

Each year, Jiffy Lube® changes the oil for 22 million customers who Leave Worry Behind℠. People want to have their car prepared to take trips while they literally leave the worry behind.

You’re going on a much bigger trip and carrying around a much bigger worry. Meaning, exam prep! 

DIY is an option, but it’s not a mandate. Consider what you have to lose.

The IBCLC exam is a career-critical exam. Get unstuck. Move forward.

You can get help before the IBCLC exam and leave the worry behind.

 Buy my practice exams or get them as part of my complete online review course!

Don’t go into the exam alone. Prepare with proven techniques and courses! See my full line of exam prep and give yourself the best shot at passing the exam.

How are you getting help before the IBCLC exam? Share in the comments below!

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