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Seeking an Appeal for the IBLCE Exam

Test takers may seek appeals for the IBLCE exam.

We’ve already heard from test-takers who thought they did everything correctly. But some were disqualified or had their exam terminated. Others were told they were ineligible. If you are in this situation, there is recourse — you may appeal the decision. All IBLCE™ test-takers have the ability to seek an appeal for the IBLCE exam decisions or outcomes per the Candidate Information Guide.

What is the appeal policy?

Based on the circumstance of ineligibility, there are different requirements for an appeal for the IBLCE exam. (Please note that appeals are not the same as deferments.)

Appealing eligibility or recertification

The policy for appealing an eligibility or recertification decision states you may appeal for: “1) IBLCE did not apply certification or recertification criteria correctly or 2) a factual error impacted the underlying decision. A missed deadline may be appealed only due to substantiated and verified extraordinary circumstances.”

The appeal for IBLCE exam eligibility or recertification must be submitted within 30 days of notification.

Appealing an examination outcome

IBLCE will review appeals for the following:

“(1) alleged inappropriate examination administration procedures, (2) environmental testing conditions severe enough to cause a major disruption of the examination process and/or other irregularities.”

Appeals for the IBLCE exam must be submitted within 30 days of exam dissemination. In this case, if an appeal is found in favor of the candidate, a deferral in exam fees to a future exam will be issued.

How to submit an appeal

While the process to submit an appeal for the IBLCE exam is the same, requested information and forms differ for the reason for appeal.

The appeals forms can be found on the IBLCE website. Be sure to pay attention to which form applies to your situation. Certainly, fill out the applicable appeals form in its entirety. Be sure to read all directions and provide all required information. You certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to get your appeal approved because you didn’t read instructions or fill out the form correctly. If the directions say to briefly explain your answer, keep it brief.  Submit the supporting documentation as required.

Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, appeals cannot be accepted via mail or fax. Pay attention to current guidelines as to how to submit your appeal.

Bottom line is that you do have the right to an appeal. Pay attention to the requirements and deadlines to submit your appeal.

Have you submitted an appeal for the IBLCE exam? Are you planning to submit for a decision made during this test cycle? Share your comments below!

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