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Getting the Right Lactation Exam Prep Tools

Toolbox with tools

If you needed to change the tire on your car, you would first get the necessary tools. The same goes for fixing a leaky faucet. So why would you set out to prepare for the IBLCE™ Exam without the right lactation exam prep tools in your toolbox?

Even if you think you don’t need anything to prepare (which is debatable!) there certainly are tools that you should want.


Like any other result you want to achieve, you’ll need to dedicate time for adequate preparation. You may not think of time as one of your lactation exam prep tools, but believe me, it is! In fact, this is probably the most important “tool” you have. You must set aside time to review your materials and prepare.

I’ve previously written about how to focus your time and succeed with just 30 days remaining until your exam. You’ll want to get cracking…now!

Structured review

Are you already exhausted from figuring out materials you’ll need and sorting through stacks of resources? Yep, I get it. And, it takes a lot of time! A structured review can be one of the most helpful lactation exam prep tools. My Online Lactation Exam Review helps you save time by giving you a focused approach with the plenty of audiocasts, links to articles, short learning exercises, and more.

True, this is a structured review that allows you to move at your own pace and focus on all of the pertinent areas. But it’s much more than that.

In fact, my Online Lactation Exam Review does much more than that. It’s a done-for-you approach to help you conserve your time. (You know, that other tool we just talked about?) You won’t have to go through the scut work of digging up the right information.

You can listen to me while you’re doing other stuff: Folding laundry, feeding the dog, shelving the groceries, etc., … you can be in multi-task heaven!  


As I’ve said before, taking practice exams is a proven exam prep strategy, so it would make sense to have practice exams in your box of lactation exam prep tools. I include practice questions (not to be confused with practice exams) in two of my Online Lactation Exam Review packages.

Then, of course, you’ve heard the expression, “You know the drill.” Well, talk about practice, I’ve got drill questions for you! In my 7 Discipline Drills, you’ll find at least 25 questions that DRILL you on the subtopics of each of the 7 IBLCE disciplines found in the IBLCE’s Detailed Content Outline. (Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on drill questions!)

Practice exams can help you determine areas of weakness so you can target those areas in your review.


Tennis great Arthur Ashe once said, “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

Ohhhhhhh. Just breathe that in. Other than preparation, can you think of anything that is more important in instilling confidence in the test-taker? I can’t.    

You may not have all the answers. That’s okay. But you have to walk into the exam feeling confident. If you’ve used the right lactation exam prep tools, reviewed and prepared, believe that you can pass the exam! Feeling confident will help your performance overall.

Streamline your studying, stop wondering what to study, and develop the confidence you need with my Online Lactation Exam Review course. You can do this!

Do you have the right lactation exam prep tools at your fingertips? How are you planning to make the most of the tools in your toolbox? Tell me in the comments below!

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