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Opportunity Awaits: Scholarship for Lactation Consultants

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It’s been a bit of a crazy year so far, hasn’t it? The COVID-19 crisis has put less money in the pockets of some people, and more in others. It has caused some to be without work, while others have worked from home or worked double shifts. Yet, no matter which of those situations you’re in, you might be wondering if there is a scholarship for lactation consultants. Indeed, there is!

What’s a scholarship?

Wikipedia says a scholarship is “an award of financial aid for a student to further their education” in elementary, secondary, or post-secondary academic institution. Scholarships are awarded based on pre-determined criteria. Often, criteria are academic merit, diversity, athletic skills, financial need, or some other criteria.

Wikipedia also explains that scholarship criteria “usually reflect the values and goals of the donor or founder of the award.”

As you hunt for a scholarship for lactation consultants, consider the criteria that are most aligned with what you can demonstrate to the scholarship committee.

What is a merit-based scholarship?

Generally, a merit-based scholarship is based on a student’s demonstrated excellence. Usually the excellence is in academic, artistic, or athletic ability, but it certainly could be something else.

The Felix Biancuzzo Memorial Scholarship is a merit-based based scholarship for lactation consultants. Merit reflects the values of the founder and of Felix himself.

Notice the questions on the application of the Felix Biancuzzo Memorial Scholarship. There, you’ll see that the scholarship recognizes clinical care; excellence in reading, understanding, and applying evidence for clinical care; and an ability to demonstrate leadership qualities in the healthcare field. 

What does the Felix Biancuzzo Scholarship for lactation consultants cover?

The scholarship is available to those interested in becoming an IBCLC®. This scholarship will cover course registration fees for my all-online 95-Hour Lactation Education Course only (fully or in part).

How does one win the Felix Biancuzzo Scholarship?

First, you have to apply! You certainly can’t win a scholarship for lactation consultants if you don’t apply! (Request the application today, and submit it by the deadline.)

Read all the requirements and instructions. That is especially important where it comes to the word count. We just don’t have time to read a tome. Express yourself succinctly, please.

Make sure you actually complete all of the questions before submitting your application. We toss applications that have unanswered questions.

The next thing is, keep in mind that it’s a merit-based scholarship for lactation consultants. My father, Felix, was big on achievement. A wealthy woman in town offered to send him to law school, but young Felix did want to accept charity. Therefore, focus on stories of achievement, rather than emphasizing financial need.

A final tip

Finally, make yourself stand out in the crowd. The personal statement section allows you only 150 words to say why you feel you are deserving of the scholarship. Use those words wisely.

Maybe you’ve already figured out that a scholarship for lactation consultants attracts applicants who are “passionate about breastfeeding.” I’d be the first one to say that passion is important!

But when every applicant is passionate about lactation, that won’t help your chances for floating to the top of the pile. So, give it some thought. 

Have you applied for our Felix Biancuzzo Memorial Scholarship for lactation consultants? Do you plan to apply this year? Share with other aspiring IBCLCs!

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