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Critical Info for 2012 IBLCE Exam Candidates

If you are NOT a nurse, dietitian/nutritionist, midwife, occupational therapist, physician, or other licensed healthcare professional (i.e., chiropractor, dentist/dental hygienist, pharmacist, psychologist or social worker, physical therapist, physician’s assistant, speech pathologist/therapist) … READ ON.

If you will be taking the IBLCE exam for the first time in 2012 … READ ON. (If you are re-certifying, you’re exempt from the following requirements.)

The IBLCE is now requiring non-healthcare professionals taking the exam for the first time to demonstrate completion of continuing education in six topics:

  • Basic life support (e.g., CPR)
  • Medical documentation
  • Medical terminology
  • Occupational safety and security for health professionals
  • Professional ethics for health professionals
  • Universal safety precautions and infection control

Although I said otherwise during my recent Comprehensive Lactation Course, I have since learned that these requirements must be met IN ADDITION TO the 90-credit course.

If you attended my Comprehensive Lactation Course this fall and are not a licensed healthcare professional, call my office immediately at 703-787-9894. (We will try to reach you, but it is probably
quicker if you take the initiative here.) Do not panic.

You will need to find a basic life support course. The Red Cross and many hospitals offer these courses, or you may consider an online option. As for the other topics, we will make sure that you are covered—at no cost to you—before you apply for the exam.

We’re here to help you succeed. Give us a call.

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