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What IBLCE Dates Mean to You

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I often remind exam candidates to get pertinent dates on their calendars. It’s essential to know what you need to do and when you need to have it completed! Today I’ll break down what the IBLCE dates mean to you.

Examination Application Window

This window is probably the most important IBLCE date when you are beginning your journey to becoming an IBCLC. The examination application window is the timeframe that you may apply for the exam. Here’s what you need to know this year.

September 2021 examination application window

If you are seeking to take the September 2021 exam, that means your window to apply is April 19 – May 28, 2021.

This also means that May 28, 2021 is deadline to get your application submitted. And, that means it is the LAST day you can complete your eligibility requirements to sit for the exam.

Examination Date

This is exactly what it seems — the date the exam is administered. This means that your exam could be scheduled at any point during that window. You will receive information from IBLCE about scheduling your exam within that window.

Upcoming IBLCE exam dates

The next exam will be held April 27-May 6. This is in English only.

The second 2021 exam is September 8 – 24, 2021; this exam will be offered worldwide in all currently offered examination languages.

Remember, too, that IBLCE only offers the twice a year. And remember, you must complete all of your eligibility requirements before you apply for the exam, so, get cracking if you wish to take the exam this year!

Cancellation/Withdrawal for a Partial Refund Deadline

This deadline is key for financial purposes. This is the deadline to submit to IBLCE for a refund or partial refund of your exam fees.

September deadline for partial refund

For the September 2021 exam, the last day to submit to IBLCE for a partial refund (50%) is September 1, 2021. See more information for financial options here

As I always say, I am not an official representative of the IBLCE. I’m only a secondary source of information, and I provide this summary for your convenience. Just like anything else, you should always rely on the primary source. I recommend you:

  • Recognize that the pandemic has created havoc with everyone’s schedule.
  • Create a plan for yourself, but be vigilant about watching for changes and be flexible enough to change your plans if needed.
  • Stay informed on IBLCE dates and possible changes. Check in on the IBLCE Certification Fees & Key Dates page for the most-current information.

While these dates are correct at the time of publication, these dates are subject to change. Please see the IBLCE website for the most up-to-date information about dates and deadlines.

Do you still have questions about IBLCE dates? Let me know in the questions below!

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  1. Dana Schwamburget

    Do you have any clarification for those rectifying in 2022 per new requirements and choosing not to take exam?

    • Marie Biancuzzo

      Dana, great question! I think you mean, your last test was taking in 2017 or 2012. I had the opportunity to talk by phone with the Executive Director at IBLCE a month or so ago. I basically said — I don’t understand how this is going to work in 2022. I encouraged her to make this clearer (nuts and bolts) of how this is going to work. So that’s a long-winded way of saying, I’m as confused as you are!

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