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3 Steps If You’ve Failed the IBLCE Exam and Want to Pass Next Time

You’ve asked yourself the seven questions about how ready you are for the IBLCE exam. What can you do now to make sure you pass the exam? I suggest you think about your preparation as a 3-step process.

Figure out what lactation education you need

The IBLCE’s requirement for 95 hours of lactation education and communication is the MINIMUM guideline for exam eligibility. Make sure you check out the Exam Content Outline, and plan your educational hours so that you cover the range of topics you can expect to see on the exam. A “hodge-podge” approach is highly unlikely to help you get the information you need.

Actively learn the information

If you have done nothing more than sit in a real or virtual classroom and passively allowed yourself to be taught, that’s not the same as learning. If you haven’t used any active learning strategies, you’re going to struggle with this step. Once you learn the pertinent information, you need to retain it; without a clear plan for reviewing information, you’re not likely to call up that old information when you need it.

Show what you know

Attitude is a big part of that. If you think you’re defeated, you probably are; visualize yourself as Rocky, up to the challenge of knocking out an exam success! If you use all of your energy being anxious, it will be harder for you to succeed; picture yourself in a Zen garden, at peace with the exam’s presence in your life. Whatever helps you feel more confident, do it. Then, get right down to applying your knowledge and using good test-testing skills.

How are you preparing for the exam to pass next time? Tell me in the comments below!

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