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Disappointed You Failed the IBCLC Exam? What to Think About Now!

Test-taker disappointed she failed the IBLCE Exam.

Have you failed the IBCLC® exam? Don’t give up — you can still pass it!

We often get phone calls from people who have failed the IBCLC exam. They’re stunned and almost always say they aren’t sure why they didn’t pass. When they call, it seems to clear to me that they feel desperate to pass the next time, but they need to know what to do for that to happen.

How did you prepare?

When my office gets these calls, we ask many questions. These aren’t the only questions, but they are the top questions:

  • Did you take one, comprehensive, 95-hour course?
  • Do you have a healthcare background?
  • What is your work history? Do you work with well babies, or sick babies? Do you work with newborns, or older children? How long have you work with mother-baby couplets?

We probe more, trying to gauge learning gaps within the Detailed Content Outline.

What were your weakest areas?

Take a look at your scores and see what categories were your trouble spots. Sometimes, it’s obvious that one particular category gave you trouble. (Many people we’ve talked to have had trouble with the pharmacology/toxicology.) If there’s one category you’re especially weak in, you’ll know you need to study that area more for the next attempt.

Missed questions across the board, may mean you need to evaluate your test-taking strategies.

How can you get help after failing?

I’ve put together special resources and some free material, too. These are all in one place to help you pass the exam on your next try. I’ve also written a book on passing the exam after failure.

I’ve helped plenty of candidates who failed the IBCLC exam succeed on subsequent attempts. People who have failed twice, three times, and even four times call and feel discouraged.

In almost all cases, we’ve never had previous contact with the caller, so the staff and I elicit their “history” and listen carefully.I’ve helped them to pass the next time, and we feel confident we can help you, too!

Contact my office! The team and I are happy to spend some time on the phone with you, review your exam results to help see why you failed the IBCLC exam, and draft a personalized plan to help you complete your journey to becoming an IBCLC!

We’re passionate about helping you to meet your goal!

Have you failed the IBCLC exam? What part of the IBCLC exam did you find to be the most challenging? Tell me in the comments below!

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