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When I Got My IBLCE Exam Results I Felt …

like I had just won a pole-vault event!

Here’s what happened. I was on the road, headed to teach my Comprehensive Lactation Course in Dallas, TX when I got a text message from Linda in my office. (If you have ever had the pleasure to talk with Linda, you know how wonderful she is!)

Her text read: “Looks like your IBLCE results came in the mail. Do you want me to open the envelope?”

I instantly sent a reply text shouting, “YES!” I eagerly awaited a reply, but none came. At first, I thought “Oh, well, it’s Monday morning, the office is probably busy.”

After a few more minutes, I thought “Oh, what if I didn’t pass? Linda might be sitting there trying to figure out how to tell her boss she failed!”

Finally I got the text. Two words that carried huge weight: “You passed.”

Whew! Honestly, maybe it’s just that I’m getting older, but I admit I was nervous on the way to the exam site this summer! I’m very confident of my computer skills, but there was something creepy about doing the exam online. And, I’m still miffed about how they allot the timing of each section, as well as how they describe how much time you have to complete each section. This was nerve-wracking from start to finish.

Why did I feel like I had won a pole-vault event?

Because this year’s scoring is the highest IBLCE has set the “bar”—ever. The pass rate for this year’s exam was 71.4% (125 of 175 questions). Never in the history of the IBLCE exam has the passing rate been this high.

The only thing that matters, though, is whether you jumped over that bar. No one knows—or cares—if you cleared the bar by a tenth of a point or 10 points or more. As long as you cleared it, you get to use IBCLC after your name. There! Now you know how I felt when I got my results!

How did you feel when you got your exam results?

If you don’t get the results you want the first time you take the IBLCE exam, don’t give up! Breastfeeding Outlook has helped many people to pass the exam, and can help you too.

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  1. Anna L

    Hi Marie, I just got my exam results in the mail today and I too passed!!!! I took your review class in Virginia this spring. I remember when I took your practice exam I scored the lowest in the class, I came home and studied basically everything you told us, I bought almost all,of your study guides and it all payed off! I got 148 out of 175 correct! I cannot even describe words the joy I feel inside!!! By the way congrats on passing the exam! I will forever have great words about your classes!

  2. Anne Wolak

    Have not received my results yet, either! All my work buddies get to celebrate while I get to keep squirming! Why does this process take three months and snail mail for a computerized test that we registered for on line? This is nuts!!

  3. karen cluley

    Marie, I just read you blog about the exam and feel exactly the same about the 2014 exam. Sadly I missed out by 1 mark, I got 124 out of 175 – bitterly disappointed and a little peeved if I am to be honest. Did not like the computer room set up at all. I live in Australia and was recertifying, oh well they just lost an LC.

  4. Jerelle Cox

    Hi Marie , Heather and I did not disappoint you this year we obtained the IBCLC status and are so excited. Which means that you have to continue to teach. Thank You for all your encouragement, instruction, knowledge and wisdom. I feel like I’m starting a new chapter in my life. Thank Your staff at Breastfeeding Outlook and your lovely husband Dave for their commitment to educating IBCLC’s of the future.

  5. Marie

    Oooooh, fantastic! Thank you for letting me know. I love hearing your good news, and that I was able to be some small part of your journey through the online course. Congratulations!

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