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Lactation Exam Overload

I feel like I am on lactation exam overload! (This diagnosis should not be confused with lactose overload.)

It might be understandable if I was actually taking the exam this summer. But I’m not — I’m just helping others prepare to take it!

I have finished teaching five of the eight Lactation Exam Review 2011 courses this spring. I’m in a hotel just outside of Portland, OR. The sun is shining on the lake outside of my room. And what am I doing? Am I taking a walk around the lake? Enjoying a cool drink on an outside patio? No, I’m preparing to teach the course tomorrow.

Not only that, I’m working like a crazy lady to prepare the Lactation Exam Practice Exam. At the same time, I’m discovering issues that I want to address in the Last Chance webinar I’m offering live at the end of the month.

And that’s not all! I’ve just started to prepare some new presentations for my newly-designed Comprehensive Course this fall.

I am starting to feel as if I am living, eating, breathing, and sleeping lactation. No TV, no knitting, no cooking or cleaning! (Yikes, it’s bad when I start thinking of cooking and cleaning as diversion activities!)

Stay tuned. I’ll tell you more in a few days.

My Visit to the Milk Bank
Practice Exam in Progress


  1. Jenny Morris

    Giving up cleaning & cooking is something I’m glad to do to make sure I pass the exam again! But you’ll never get my knitting needles away from me….no way….I can knit while flipping through your flash cards. Thanks for the great class in DC. I do follow your blog, but don’t comment… I’m sure many folks do.

  2. mariln martin

    giving up my quilting is hard for me…i reward myself with a little sewing after a goal is reached in study

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