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A guide to help you organize, prioritize and track your progress
when studying for the IBLCE Lactation Exam

Marie Biancuzzo’s
Lactation Exam Study Guide

Save time
Get structure
See progress

Is your IBCLC exam coming up? Maybe you’re waiting until you “feel like it” to start studying? Are you starting to wonder if you might never feel like it?

What if you could get a kickstart by using a big, massive checklist of topics to tackle and links to follow? Fantastic! Get your DIY Guide!  

Empower Yourself
and Gain Peace of Mind!

Lactation Exam
Study Guide

Save time. See the topics and subtopics you need to tackle, avoid duplication, and save yourself the trouble of finding good (including many free) resources.  

Get the structure you need to achieve the results you want. Most test-takers don’t know where to start…or when to stop! Consider this a DIY roadmap to your destination: Success!

Get visible proof of your progress. See what you’ve finished and get the satisfaction of marking a few hundred little checkboxes as you go along.  

Who needs
Marie Biancuzzo’s
Lactation Exam Study Guide?

  • First-time test-takers
  • Experienced IBCLCs who are sitting after having passed at least once before
  • Anyone who has failed the exam

What Do I Get?

You’ll get 60+ pages of
ideas, tips and time-savers.
Each chapter contains:

  • Keys to success
  • Suggested topics to review
  • Review methods
  • Additional learning activities and resources
  • Suggestions if you’re still having trouble
  • Links to dozens of free resources
  • A worksheet to summarize your main learning experiences

Whether you’re a first-time test-taker or a re-certifier who can still feel the pain of going through it 10, 20 or 30 years ago, you’ll love this no-frills but in-depth plan to help you organize, prioritize and track your progress when studying for the Lactation exam

Marie spent more than 40 hours developing this Guide. You can reap the benefits within minutes. 

With our special introductory price, you’re paying less than 10 cents per page.

That’s a small investment for your future.