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Did you fail the exam?

Let Marie help you prepare to re-take the exam and pass!

Get expert help

where you went wrong

Regain your courage
to try again

Marie has helped thousands of people from around the globe to pass the IBCLC® exam, and she can help you, too!

This package includes:

  • Marie Biancuzzo’s book, How to Pass the IBLCE Exam This Time: The Sure-Footed Climb to Success After Failure (PDF copy)
  • Marie Biancuzzo’s Lactation Exam Study Plan
  • 7 Discipline Drills (all online, 185 discipline-focused, exam-type questions)
  • 1000+ Lactation Terms You Should Know
“I passed the IBLCE exam this time after 2 fails. Huge thank you Marie … I wasn’t even going to test for a third time but…[I got] the courage I needed to test again.”
Leslie Collie, IBCLC
Arkadelphia AR

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