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IBLCE Exam prep comes in all shapes and sizes and we have something to meet the needs of everyone who is taking the IBLCE Exam. 

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Online Lactation Exam Review

Take the guessing out of how to study for the IBLCE Exam and dive right in! My online review course will provide the framework for you to take - and pass - the IBLCE Exam.

Live Lactation Exam Review

I have been helping IBCLCs pass the IBLCE Exam for recertification for over 20 years with this course! I will walk you though my best tips for passing the exam in this two-day, information-packed course.

Picture Perfect

In this one-day live course, you will focus on the photo portion of the IBLCE Exam only. Practice interpreting over 200 photos so you can learn to recognize conditions and decode visual information that may be present on the IBLCE Exam.