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Exam Prep Sale

July 12-26, 2024

Lactation Exam Review

Whether you're testing for the first time or the fifth time, your aim is to pass THIS time! This review will help you to focus on topics you might not have thought to dive into!

Exam Master Package
$589 $500

Exam Star Package
$429 $364

Basic Package
$329 $279

Guide to Decoding
Lactation Photos
(Full Course or Book Bundle)

Decoding images on the exam is tough! Chock full of active learning exercises and questions at the end of each of the 18 chapters, this Guide will help you figure out if it's "this" instead of "that" on the exam!

Marie Biancuzzo’s
Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos Course

(20.4 L-CERPs & 20.4 contact hours)
Includes 2 hard-copy books

$298 $253

Marie Biancuzzo’s Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos Workbook (2nd ed.)
PLUS Breastfeeding Atlas (7th ed.)

$169 $143

7 Discipline Drills

Test your knowledge before you take the IBCLC exam. A drill for every exam discipline!

$99 $84

Lactation Education Terminology Matching Exercises

Master important lactation management terms and quiz yourself with our matching exercises.

Terminology Matching Exercises
$149 $126

All-Online Lactation Exam Study Package

Includes Topical 40-Question Drill Pack
and Practice Exams A, B, & C

All-Online Study Package
$189 $160

Practice Exams A, B & C

Practice Lactation Exams are designed to mimic the real exam, to give you real-time practice and to see how well you are prepared.

Practice Exam Bundle
$149 $126