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Get a Clear Game Plan for the Lactation Exam

Hand using stylus and tablet to create a plan for the lactation exam.

You’ve heard it said: Game on! But you’re not playing a game. This is a comprehensive, career-critical exam. You’ve paid hundreds of dollars to take the exam. But even games require strategy and have consequences. That’s true here, too. You must have a plan for the lactation exam!

I can’t begin to count the times I’ve heard people say, “This is the hardest exam I’ve ever taken!” The nurses swear it’s harder than the NCLEX exam. One woman told me it was harder than the exam to become licensed as an airplane pilot! So, take it seriously.

Here are some points to consider as you plan for the lactation exam.

Why is it important to review?

Hundreds of people fail the exam every year. Resolve not to be one of them!

Get a solid foundation when completing your requirements; don’t just check the boxes. And then, when it’s time to prepare, review and review well. You can pass on the first try if you plan for the lactation exam!

What is on the exam?

What’s likely to be on the exam? What’s NOT likely to be on the exam?

I don’t have an “in” at IBLCE. But I’ve successfully passed the exam 5 times, so I can make good recommendations. Put all of your time and energy into topics that I consider “fair game” for the exam.

Conversely, don’t waste a minute trying to learn stuff that is not fair game. Your study time is limited, so use it wisely.

When is the best time to study?

Again, it’s up to you. If you’re a morning person, you might want to roll out of bed before sunrise. Just pour your cup of coffee and get going. Maybe you prefer to study after your kids to go bed in the evening.

The important thing is to schedule time to hit the books. As the old saying goes, what gets scheduled gets done. The key is that you plan for the lactation exam.

Where do you plan to study?

The where doesn’t matter. It may be slightly dependent on the format of materials you’re using, but for the most part, anything goes! You may prefer:

  • a quiet spot in the library.
  • a bustling coffee shop.
  • outside.
  • background music.
  • absolute quiet.

How can you review effectively?

Again, know what works for you. However, you must always start at the beginning.

The “beginning” means starting with topics you feel are your weakest. On those topics, master the lowest levels of learning first. (If you’ve seen objectives like state, list, name, recall, etc., those are low levels of learning.)

You cannot possibly take on the application levels of learning until you master the foundational levels of learning. Nearly all the items on the exam will be at the application level. 

Doing DIY

You can certainly create your own study plan. However, even in the DIY mode, it’s game on! You’re not alone! Suit up! Get your team behind you! Find a cheerleader! Find someone to watch your kids while you study. Seriously consider someone who is willing to be your accountability partner.

Ask for help. Few of us accomplish anything important without help from someone else.

Getting my help

If DIY seems a little overwhelming to you, I’ve got you covered.

My all-Online Lactation Exam Review is your new best friend!

Start within minutes of purchase. This is the closest you’ll get to having me standing beside you as you review! (Our highly-acclaimed live Lactation Exam Review, upon which our online program is built, has been cancelled this summer, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll be offering it in the spring.)

The best part of my Online Lactation Exam Review is that you can do it anywhere! Most of it is audio, so you can do it on the go! How cool is that?

How are you beginning to plan for the lactation exam? Are you planning your review time? Let me know in the comments below!

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