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Scholarship Policies

Felix Biancuzzo Scholarship Policies for Applicants

The Felix Biancuzzo scholarship is not a need-based award. Winner(s) will be chosen by a Selection Committee comprised of Marie Biancuzzo and Breastfeeding Outlook staff members. We reserve the right to make no award if no applicant is deemed suitable. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final and not open to appeal.

Winner(s) will be selected according to the applicant’s demonstrated ability to:

  • Complete the scholarship application
  • Initiate self-learning and develop own knowledge and skills
  • Become actively aware of and involved in professional or community service activities related to breastfeeding; preference will be given to those who have been active members of breastfeeding coalitions or groups

Who Should Apply

  • World-wide first-time IBCLC exam candidates who are eligible for, and plan to take, the IBCLC exam in the year after the scholarship is awarded. (If you apply in 2022, you must take the exam in 2023 in order to be eligible for the scholarship.)

Who May NOT Apply

  • IBCLC exam candidates who are NOT eligible or cannot take the exam in the year after the scholarship is awarded may not apply.
  • Previous winners of the Felix Biancuzzo Memorial Scholarship may not apply.
  • Those who have already purchased, began, or completed a 95-hour, 90-hour, or 45-hour lactation education program from Breastfeeding Outlook or may not apply.

Courses Covered

This scholarship will cover course registration fees only (fully or in part) for:

Winner(s) will be responsible for any travel, lodging, or other costs incurred in the process of attending the live Comprehensive Lactation Course.

Responsibilities of all Applicants

  • By submitting your application, you attest that you are in compliance with all scholarship policies.
  • You agree to watch for emails from after the selection date. We will notify the winner by email. If the winner does not respond to us within 30 days of the email notification, we will choose a new winner.
  • You understand and agree that submission of the application gives and Breastfeeding Outlook permission to use your name and image on all media.
  • You understand and agree that, if selected, you must submit a color head and shoulders photo that is your property and that you have the right to distribute and print, prior to receiving the course.
  • You understand and agree that any misrepresentation of information on the scholarship application will result in forfeiture of the scholarship opportunity.

Responsibilities of the Winner

If you are selected as the scholarship recipient, in addition to your responsibility as an applicant, you must complete the following tasks. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the scholarship.

  • Respond to the winner’s email notification within 30 days of the sent date. Please watch your email and, feel free to call us if you think you missed something.
  • Submit a color photo (head and shoulders) within 30 days of your acceptance of the scholarship for use in media and announcements. The photo must be your own intellectual property that you have the rights to distribute and print..