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Before You Apply for the IBLCE Exam: Grab These Documents!

Are you preparing to take the IBLCE exam? Have you have visited the IBLCE site to figure out where to begin? Are you still wading through dozens of documents, unsure of what you really need to start the application or testing process?

From the start of your journey towards the IBCLC credential until the end of your IBLCE exam, here are the IBLCE documents that I consider “must-have” items and suggest you download, comprehend, and complete. If you are pursuing Pathway 3, you’ll also need the Pathway 3 Plan Guide and Pathway 3 Verification Packet.

Before you read on, please note that IBLCE exam requirements are subject to change. Although we believe the following information to be current and correct of this writing, we encourage you to check the official IBLCE site as you prepare for the exam.

Without further ado, the items every IBLCE exam candidate should know are:

  • Candidate Information Guide. This was recently updated and addresses: what IBLCE is, where and how to find and contact IBLCE, key dates, important IBLCE publications, overview of eligibility requirements, and the different pathways. It also provides a pathway checklist and other information specific to the exam itself. I advise everyone to read this, cover to cover.
  • 2016 Detailed Content Outline. This document outlines what will be covered in the exam. You need to be sure that you are adequately prepared to answer exam questions on all of these topics.
  • Clinical Competencies for the Practice of IBCLCs. This document outlines all of the IBCLC’s duties and services for which they must be trained to provide. You should keep this document for reference after you pass the exam and start your practice.
  • Scope of Practice for IBCLCs. This document outlines your roles and responsibilities as an IBCLC and tells you what you can and cannot do as an IBCLC. You should keep this document for reference after you pass the exam and start your practice.

As always, we’re here to support you on your IBCLC journey. If you need more help, please call my office at 703-787-9894 or e-mail us at

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