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Lactation Exam Review – See you in Boston?

Another Lactation Exam Review course season is almost over, and what a fantastic one it is. I’ve been teaching the course for a dozen years now, and I continue to be impressed by the caliber of professions who choose to come to my course. And “come” the do, from all over! Although I teach the class in the US, I’ve had attendees from as far away as Israel, Germany, Italy and even Saudi Arabia. Year after year, whether they’ve come from down the block, a few states away, or across the ocean, people tell me what’s brought them: Learning in an interactive environment, learning from their colleagues, and immersing themselves in the review experience.

Unquestionably, people learn best through interaction. Research in the education field confirms Ben Franklin’s words of long ago: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” I take the importance of “interactive learning” seriously; anyone who has read the course description has seen the promise for “an interactive learning environment” writ large. Yet many people tell me that they thought that just meant being able to ask questions after seeing a bunch of bullet-point slides! That couldn’t be further from what they get. True interactive learning means that there is an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and questions between the attendees and the instructor, and between attendees themselves. Attendees praise the group learning exercises in which they problem-solve with each other as particularly useful. Then, of course, there are people who catch me for “hallway conversations” about their next career move, ideas for moving their stodgy staff into the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, or reassurance that they’ve handled a hot issue in an ethical way. My learners thrive on interaction!

Some attendees swear that they would never be able to sit down and review for the IBLCE exam if they didn’t set aside a few days for this immersive course. One woman from Pennsylvania said her husband found the postcard in the mail and declared: “I’m signing you up for this course.” She protested, telling him that her more economical plan was to review on her own. He said, “And how are you going to do that when one of the kids is tugging on your skirt, the other kid is spilling milk on the floor, and the phone is ringing? No, you need to just hunker down for a few days and do this.” I got a big charge out of that story, but I did admire the husband’s insights, and his support!

After all of these years, it’s probably no surprise that the travel required to teach Marie Biancuzzo’s Lactation Exam Review in several cities across the US each year is tiresome. I love the interaction I’ve had with more than 4,000 attendees. So if you can hack the travel, meet me in Boston June 25-26. See if you can stay for my Picture Perfect seminar on June 27; that’s a Saturday.

If you really just hate the travel — believe me, I understand — my Online Lactation Exam Review may be right up your alley. With its podcast-like recordings, study guide, and companion materials, it’s completely portable, and covers the stuff you need to review! We’ll miss you at the course, but will be glad to help you prepare to meet the challenge of the IBLCE exam.

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