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Relieve Yourself of Worry about Research!

I wish I had a nickel for every IBLCE exam candidate who has said to me: “The research questions scare me. What should I do?”

I wish I had a nickel for everyone who has hated my answer!

It’s simple: Know your stuff. I can give you all of the test-taking tips in the world, but they won’t do you bit of good if you don’t actually know your stuff. And, after preparing literally thousands of people for the IBLCE exam, I can tell you, with certainty, most IBLCE candidates don’t know their stuff where it comes to research. I distinctly remember an interaction from my Lactation Exam Review course in Denver. A woman sitting on my left about half-way from the front said, “Marie, this research stuff all looks like Greek to me! And so I can’t understand it because I don’t speak Greek! I don’t read Greek!” Oh, I felt like this conversation had been scripted! She had given me the cue, and I was ready to deliver my next line!

I said to her, “If you were going to Greece and wanted to speak the language of the locals, what would you do? You would learn the vocabulary. True, you might have great difficulty actually putting a sentence together, but you wouldn’t stand a chance of doing so unless you knew your vocabulary! You must know simple words or phrases. Bathroom?  Along with a shrug and raised eyebrows, would be a one-word but much-needed question if you need to relieve yourself! But if you didn’t know the Greek word for bathroom, you’d continue to find yourself mighty uncomfortable.  Knowing the vocabulary is the first step in speaking Greek, or in learning the research.”

Feel free to go back to college or buy a big heavy textbook if you wish. But instead, please consider our flashcards. I doubt that $12 for the pack will send you to the poorhouse — but knowing the vocabulary for just one question might make the difference between your passing or failing the IBLCE exam. Shuffle them, re-use them, wear them out. Just learn the vocabulary, have the conversation and relieve yourself of this worry!

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