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Get Ready, Get Set … for the IBLCE Exam

Do you change the oil in your car? Do clean your own gutters? Do you bake your own bread? Do you steam-clean your own carpets? Do you sew your own clothes? With enough time, training, and energy, you could do all of those things. But I’m guessing that you hire someone to do most (if not all) of those chores. Each year, Jiffy Lube® changes the oil for 22 million customers who Leave Worry Behind℠. I understand that completely; people want to have their car prepared to take the trips while they literally leave the worry behind.

What I don’t understand is why anyone chooses to carry around a much bigger worry. Each year, from January to June, I spend hours talking to people who are worried, worried, worried about preparing for and passing the IBLCE exam. They assume they can prepare themselves. They buy piles of books (some even read the books). They join study groups. They check out various Internet sites for breastfeeding information that may — or may not — be credible. They create their own flashcards.

Can they do it? Absolutely. They can change the oil in their own cars, too. But help is available. I can help. I spend at least as much time strategizing about preparing IBLCE exam candidates to take the test as I spend actually teaching the courses that are the result of that effort. I have taught literally thousands of candidates how to take the IBLCE exam and achieve the IBCLC credential.

While I’d be the first to say that one depends heavily on one’s car to be in tip-top shape, I’d be quick to add that without a job, the person might not be able to afford a car. I am glad to be able to help candidates prepare for what might make (or break) their ability to work as an IBCLC. I’m glad to be able to help dedicated care providers leave the worry behind.

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