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Caring for Each Other

Most of us who entered this profession because we wanted to “take care of people” have indeed done so. We care about our clients. Our day isn’t done until we have taken care of them … helped them to feel better … counseled them in caring for their new babies … supported them in breastfeeding. But how does that translate into our professional development?

I want to tell you about a dedicated woman I know. Let’s call her “Julie.” She had waited a long time and worked very hard in order to be eligible to sit for the IBLCE exam. She had completed her 90 hours of lactation-specific education as required by the IBLCE and logged her clinical hours. Julie even submitted her application and payment ahead of time, she was so eager to take this next step in her career. She had paid for all of her preparation herself.

In June, Julie called me. Nearly in tears, she told me that her application for the IBLCE exam had been rejected. She had not done the required Health Sciences Education. Julie hadn’t even started it. Why? Because she didn’t realize that she— and all others who are not recognized by IBLCE as healthcare professionals—need to complete those 5 learning programs (plus basic life support, which most of us call CPR.)

I, and all of my staff, felt so badly for her. Julie has to wait another year to be eligible to take the exam for another year.

That’s why I’m asking for your help. I want you to help me put some of that urge to “take care of people” into taking care of your colleagues. If you know someone who may be outside of IBLCE’s “healthcare professional” category and who is working towards being an IBCLC, please forward this message to her.

I want all of the “Julies” to know Breastfeeding Outlook can help them meet their professional goals. We offer 5 out of the 6 Healthcare Sciences Continuing Education topics as an online learning program. (Due to the hands-on nature of the subject matter, we assume the sixth—CPR—will be completed locally.)

Thank you for helping us take care of each other.

Note: Please see the IBLCE Health Sciences Education Guide for details about this requirement.

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  1. Julio

    Whoohoo! Well done girlie! Yes, a pass is a pass, but at least this one is done and it’s time to ceunqor the next one.I am mentally giving you a high-five, which I know that only in my imagination will you reciprocate. LOL!

  2. Roberta Dabbs

    If we know someone is interested in taking the IBLCE exam, it would be nice to point them in the right direction. 1) IBLCE website and 2) Breastfeeding Outlook

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