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Q & A: How Many Nipples?!

WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP: “Extra” nipples would be correctly referred to by all of the following terms EXCEPT:

A. ectopic nipples
B. hypermastia
C. supernumerary nipples
D. polythelia

The correct answer is B. “Hyper” means “excessive,” while “mastia” means “breast tissue.” Breast tissue is not the same as nipple.

All of the other terms could be used for “extra nipples.” How can you tell?

“Ectopic” is from the Greek word “ektopos,” which means “out of place.” Therefore, “ectopic nipple” can be used to describe an extra nipple that exists somewhere other than the usual place on the breast.

“Supernumerary” means “more than the usual number,” and in this context it is being used to describe nipples.

“Poly” means “many” and “thelia” means “nipple.”

While this question is unlikely to appear as-is on the IBLCE exam, knowing this information may help you figure out a more complicated test item.


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