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“The Lesser Child”

Thank you, Atlanta Lactation Exam Review and Picture Perfect participants!

You have pushed me to improve the clarity of my explanation about the Pakistani woman with twins who formula-fed one and breastfed the other. Through the efforts of UNICEF, the photo and an accompanying article appeared on the cover of SCN News in 1991, and they have been widely reproduced. This gripping image is quite famous in the breastfeeding support community.

I strongly advise you to know its meaning, because this would be a prime example of how the IBLCE exam often asks “social” questions that are illustrated with a photo.

To recap, the two messages conveyed in the photo are: (1) formula can have fatal consequences (the girl twin died), and (2) in some cultures, the girl is the lesser child.

Be sure to check out Baby Milk Action’s “Every Picture” overview of decoding marketing messages, which examines this photo.

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