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Paperwork and the IBLCE Exam 2012

Note: IBLCE has made changes to the exam requirements since this blog was originally posted in 2012. For updated info about current requirements, stay tuned. Thank you.
– Marie, Dec. 2015

For everyone who took my course in the fall — or who plans to take my course in the spring — I can finally answer what might be your most pressing question: What paperwork must be completed before taking the IBLCE exam?

If you are taking the exam in English in the United States this July … if this is your first time taking the IBLCE exam … and if you are following Pathway 1, keep reading. (Nearly all of my course participants follow Pathway 1. If you are on a different pathway, I can still help you, but this blog post isn’t for you.)

Here are the documents that I believe you need to download, comprehend, and complete:

  • Candidate Information Guide 2012: This was published within the past month, and addresses: what IBLCE is, where and how to find and contact IBLCE, important IBLCE publications, overview of eligibility requirements, and the different pathways. It also provides a pathway checklist and other information specific to the exam itself. I advise everyone to read this thing, cover to cover.
  • Exam CandidateSupplement: This addresses key dates in 2012, exam fees, and issues related to applying for the exam (such as site locations, exam language, and more.)
  • Pathway 1 Report: This document is absolutely critical for you to have and complete, as this “report” is really your report to them, not the other way around as you might expect. The form substantiates how you have fulfilled your eligibility to use Pathway 1 to sit for the exam. While you’re at it, visit this page, which is all about applying for the exam as a Pathway 1 candidate.
  • Exam Application and Deadlines and Fees: Well, as you can imagine, this is the money piece! The paperwork is never done until the money changes hands! Note: This link is to the online application.
  • Exam Payment Forms for Canada and the United States: Again, this list is for “my people” so I’m assuming that if you’re read this far, you need the forms for the US or Canada. When you download the form, be certain that you have the right one.

If you want to sit for the exam in July of 2012–just over 5 short months away–it is to your advantage to get all of this paperwork completed and submitted to IBLCE now, before the end of February. You can submit it later, but you’ll be charged extra by IBLCE if you delay. However, you must have all of your paperwork done, so start working on it today!

Those of you who sat for my 90-credit course recently should be in great shape, as long as your clinical hours are in order. If you took my 60-credit course in 2010, call my office right away; we can fix you up with some extra credits! If you took my 45-credit hour course in 2009, definitely call my office immediately! You could still sit for the July exam if you really hunker down.

OK, folks, that’s all. Please call my office at 703-787-9894 or e-mail us at if you need additional help, so you’ll be all ready to take the exam on Monday, July 30.

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