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Flying Home After the Last Course This Year

Planning, writing material for, and teaching a 90-credit course was one of the more difficult things I’ve done in a long time. Like most difficult things, I probably wouldn’t have attempted it if I had known how really difficult it would be! Now, I’m finished. I’m sitting Gate 14 in the San Diego airport, waiting for the flight to Washington DC. The last week or so is a blur in my mind. Many days, many people, many questions, many ideas for revising next year’s course. Anyone who has ever watched me jot notes in my syllabus knows that I’m already preparing for the next year’s course before I finish this year’s course.

The group in San Diego truly helped me to end the season with a bang! The group was very diverse in terms of credentials, experience, clinical setting, and future goals. They also sent me home with several interesting questions and suggestions. I’m working on getting the answers!

I already miss this group, as well as all of you who attended this year’s course in Dallas, Long Island, Baltimore and Denver. Stay tuned to the blog! I’ll answer those questions, as well as others!

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  1. Mary Jo

    I can’t thank you enough for the 90 CERP Comprehensive Course, Marie. It was worth all the time, energy, effort and expense that you invested , for it was an investment in the lives of women who will undoubtedly affect future generations, for the good, in ways that perhaps we are yet unaware. I express my gratitude to you for deeming me worthy to recieve the scholarship in your father’s name and I encourage all women who have the same desire as me, to impact young child-bearing women and families for the greater good of their and their babies, health and well-being , to attend Marie’s wonderfully informative courses and TO APPLY FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP. 🙂 Sheis truly a woman of her word, as I have experienced her generosity first-hand. Marie, please see my comment to “Danny and The Doctor” Thanks again, Dear One, your course has most assuredly changed my life and my career path, in a joyful and remarkable way !

  2. Rachele Hughart-Hopson

    Just wondering ,I will be sitting for exam again in 2015.When will be the best time for me to come to your review course.i came to it before I sat for 1st test and it was Very helpful.Thank You -Rachele Hughart-Hopson RN,IBCLC

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