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Feedback Needed: IBLCE Proposes “Code of Professional Conduct”

IBLCE needs to hear from you. Today.

IBLCE has re-written its Code of Ethics (COE) as a Code of Professional Conduct. They are accepting comments on the new document for a period of just two weeks (until Wednesday, September 7, 2011).

Please read the new document carefully. There are some major changes afoot. I’ll try to detail additional problems in a subsequent post, but two things jump out at me immediately:

1. Compliance with the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes is no longer required, but rather encouraged.

2. According to IBLCE, this new document is to be referred to as “the Code.” Over the course of my many years in the field of lactation, there’s only been one “Code.” That’s the one this organization seems to be neatly displacing–the WHO’s international guidance.

There are many surprising (alarming) things about this document, but perhaps most surpring of all, to me, is that this international professional organization would give no advance notice of proposed changes, and allow comments for such a short period of time.

Read, comment, and let’s make sure we’re heard!

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