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IBLCE Exam Study Tip #1: Time to Focus

OK, everyone, we’re all back from our Fourth of July picnics and we’re all aware that the exam is looming in the not-so-far distance. It’s time to settle down into a comfortable rhythm as these last few days before the IBLCE Exam approach. I’m hoping to give you a little insight and a little encouragement each day.

Tip for today: Look at that stack of books that is 6 feet tall and realize that you can’t re-read all of that material again. Give yourself a SMALL number–I would say fewer than 5–and keep those materials front and center from now until the exam. Studying “everything” will only make you feel more anxious.

Now, pick ONE topic you feel fairly confident with, and one topic that you feel shaky with. Ask yourself: What could they ever ask me about my “good” topic that I might not know? (Oh, there is something….) Then, ask yourself: What is it about my one “bad” topic that I could master without much effort?

Try a few of those, and see if you can streamline some of your studying.

IBLCE Exam Study Tip #2: The Right Answer
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  1. marilyn martin

    Hi Marie,
    your info. is helpful. i am stuck on research..its all Greek to me despite having passed x2 in universityso today is my day to try it again & get a few terms down.The Webair was helpful…made me feel that I had company in the misery of summertime study. Actually I have been having fun as I think of applying new stuff in practice.
    ? pumping for preterms…what about the bags..1981 Goldman & 1996 Williamson & Murti& Goldblum 1981…don’t recommend the that current info. I was sharing thia with coworkers & boss & she wanted refererence. Should Mums be using only glass or hard plastic bottles?
    Thanks so much from sunny NW Washington!!

  2. Marie

    Marilyn, you are not alone. Everyone feels uneasy about the research. But take it from me: Your best bet is to memorize, memorize, memorize those flash cards that you bought! They might not give you the answer to everything on the exam, but they’ll go a long way toward helping you answer many of the research questions. And, most certainly, if you don’t know the terms on the cards, you are sunk. I have had people tell me over and over again how the flash cards saved their hides.

    Keep plugging! Marilyn, I’l respond to your other questions tomorrow. Stay tuned, everyone! There will be a post on my blog with last-minute exam tips every day from now until the exam. Tell your friends to log on!

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