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Practice Exam … Or Rubber Room?

Okay, everyone, thank you for asking, nudging or nagging me to get the Practice Exam done!

It was “done” last night. Ah, but that’s about the tenth time it has been “done.” You know me! It’s always hard for to me to let something go. I keep puttering and tweaking and tinkering.

The Practice Exam has now been reviewed by five different people. Each person looked at a different aspect of how to make it perfect. They all provided valuable feedback.

By Monday, June 20th (tomorrow!) one of two things will happen:

1) I will be locked up in a rubber room (as opposed to locked up in my office, working!)

2) the Practice Exam will go live.

I’m guessing that you’ll vote for the test going live!

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  1. Deepak

    Since TJC is now looking at esiulxivcty as a core measure, I am hoping more MCH professionals will get on board. I am currently in search of a patient handout describing WHY esiulxivcty is important, and written on a no more than 5th grade level. I need a handout to share with patients at a urban city hospital, most of which will be WIC users. Any help suggestions..greatly appreciated.

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