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Practice Exam in Progress

You asked, we listened!

The Practice Exam that I’ve been working on for about 2 years is almost ready! Just like the real IBLCE exam, this practice exam consists of 100 photo questions and 75 text-only questions. Just like the real exam, most of the questions are require the application of knowledge, and relatively few items are recall-based.

Unlike the real exam, this practice exam can be completed entirely online. Unlike the real exam, this practice gives you instant feedback about how you did.

It’s coming–soon!  We’re currently in our second round of beta testing. (Of course, we want to work all the kinks out before it goes live.) We aim to have it working like a charm by June 1.

I truly believe this is the best practice test you’ll find. Stay tuned.

My Visit to the Milk Bank
Forever Yours, Marie


    • Marie Biancuzzo RN MS IBCLC

      Theresa, not to sound too corny, but it’s people like you who keep me going! I would have given up a million times if people like you didn’t keep asking me to persevere. I know people need this practice test, and I want it to do everything you need it to do–and more! As I might have mentioned earlier, I have had extensive special training in test item development, and I hold myself to a pretty high standard. What I found, though, was that having the online feature introduces a whole bunch of technical challenges to meet, and my husband is the mastermind behind those features. Because it has the individual analysis feature, the timing feature, the rationale, etc., it takes more than just good item-writing. This project has been 3 years in the making. Yikes!

  1. Lyne

    Hi MArie…I to am wondering when the Practice Exam will be on line, was at your course in Lowell and you thought after that weekend? Any updates for us?? Thanks!

    • Marie Biancuzzo RN MS IBCLC

      Lyne, thanks for the nudge. The timer feature is still a tiny bit off. We’re either going to either have it fixed before dawn or we’re going to go live with it being a few minutes off. Yes, we are all a little compulsive here!

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