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Preparing to Teach Marie Biancuzzo’s Lactation Exam Review Course

I love teaching this course! I love almost everything about it. This is my my eighth year teaching Marie Biancuzzo’s Lactation Exam Review, and it’s still my favorite part of my job. I need the pressure of making sure that I know all of the latest and greatest information. I love the challenge of chopping difficult concepts down into bite-sized pieces that real-life clinical people can understand. Each year, I thrive on figuring out how to teach something better, or in a different sequence, or whatever it takes to make it easier to understand. That’s just such a creative moment for me when I can transform something difficult into something easy. I love thinking of ways to make dry content exciting. I’m not always able to do that, but the thrill-seeker in me loves to keep trying! Then, too, I love knowing that I can’t possibly squash everything I’ve learned in 30+ years into a 2-day course. It’s the ultimate paradox of feeling great for knowing all of that material, and feeling small and humble because I bear the responsibility for preparing hundreds of people in the short space of 2 days.

The only part of this course I don’t like is the rigorous travel it requires, and the incredible fatigue that follows! But right this minute, as I’m on the eve of the first round of courses offered this year, those reasons don’t seem so terrible.

As I sit here reflecting, I realize that perhaps this course fills a need in me. The fiber of my being has always been made up of part science and part art; part clinician and part scholar; part softie people-pleaser, and part hard-nosed standard-bearer. In this course, I get to use all of those parts of me. I love teaching this course!

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  1. Leah

    Ever since I took your Comprehensive Lactation Course last December, I’ve wanted to thank you for being You. You started the 1st of the scheduled 4 mornings apologizing to everyone because you were starting to feel sick and you were loosing your voice. I wasn’t quite sure if you’d make it through the day, until I very quickly recognized your resilience and the same admirable parts of you that you mentioned. I would like to add that you don’t take yourself so seriously to your “parts of you” list. But, what’s a really impressive part of you is your ability to, within minutes, discern the individual nuances of the enormous ‘randomized sample’ of students you teach. You talk to everyone like you’ve known them forever.

    I thought I had come to learn all about human lactation, but I didn’t anticipate the ensconced teachings on human nature. Clearly, you are a fervent advocate for promoting the consequential comprehension of the profound realm of human lactation. That in and of itself is a super colossal challenge. But comprehension is only the foundation of your lecture. Our/your omphalic (yes, pun intended) mission is to integrate our newly acquired “Gold Standard” knowledge, of perhaps the most vital subsistence of human beings, with our future responsibilities as lactation consultants.

    Marie, you have thoroughly exceeded my expectations of your lectures. It makes me happy knowing how much it makes you happy to share your wisdom. <3

  2. Candace

    I am so happy that there is a knowledgeable instructor like you teaching a course like this, and it’s a huge plus that you obviously love what you do. Your humble approach adds a well-received human dimension to the teaching of these valuable lactation skills–i.e., the discussion is both enjoyable and informative and I am a much better practitioner for the type of processing allowed in your course. Thank you!

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