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Scholarship Available for Lactation Exam Prep Course

Preparing for the IBLCE exam is major undertaking. We all know that! This year, that undertaking will be easier for two people to do that.

The Felix Biancuzzo Memorial Scholarship began as a way to honor my late father. A truly self-made man, my father believed in life-long learning. In the 1950s, people would often ask, “Why are you spending money to send your daughters to college? They will just get married!” He always had the same response. “Well, I’ve always believed that education is cheaper than ignorance.”

The scholarship seeks to recognize individuals who are eager to contribute to their communities by providing evidence-based lactation support for breastfeeding mothers and their babies. Two scholarships-one full and one partial-will be given to attend my Comprehensive Lactation Course: Mastering the Blueprint in the fall, 2011.

I’m hoping that anyone who wishes to apply for this year’s scholarship will download the application, and begin answering the questions now. Although it is not difficult to complete, the successful applicant will want to invest time, thought and effort to express why she should be chosen for the scholarship. Yes, “invest.” A full scholarship is worth nearly $1,000; we are making an investment in the candidate, and we want her to show her dedication to learning, and to breastfeeding promotion. Last year, I enjoyed reading a stack of applications. After much deliberation, two winners were finally chosen. When I met the winners, I knew for sure they were the best candidates.

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